What Are Self-Aware Artists?

The Spirit of Self-Aware Artists
by Michaell Magrutsche

  1.          Voice Is Key

            Self-Aware Artists are aware of their essence.  They use their unique Voice as an expression of this essence. Voice is key to increase their artistic articulation and to command viewer engagement. Using Voice to gauge aliveness and emotional impact helps surpass the impact of making art that is different for different’s sake, disconnected or nice looking.   

  1.          Voice Is Priceless

             Self-Aware Artists realize that there is no other Voice like theirs, it is one of a kind, and for that reason it is priceless. With a clearly defined Voice, their artistic expression is ultimately impossible to copy. 

  1.         1 of 1 Originals

              In a society of copy and paste as well as mass-production, Self-Aware Artists understand their ultimate value lies in the one-of-a-kind work of art. Thus, Self-Aware Artists create 1 of 1 originals. They see each artwork as a snapshot of their Voice at a particular time and know that replicating ultimately devalues their work. By refraining from making prints, copies or giclees they honor their work.

  1.           Art Is An Emotional Language

         Self-Aware Artists respect and understand art as an emotional language. They communicate through their Voice, utilizing emotional intelligence in preference to theories regarding art. For example, they would ask, how can I best express my unique aesthetics of clean lines and play of light within Nature?  What is the emotional meaning of the clean lines and play of light? Why are clean lines and the play of light a part of my Voice? What do I feel about these clean lines and my play of light with Nature?

  1.         Self Inspiring by Creating for Self

             Self-Aware Artists create for themselves with the possible exception of commissions. Inspired by their works of art, they fill their surrounding with them while marveling in their nurturing qualities.  This genuine interaction keeps them aligned with their essence, as well as their Voice.

  1.           Art That Engages

           When art is experienced as relatable through Voice and functions of art, it produces a deeper meaning and engagement with the audience. Recognizing Voice with its unique idiosyncrasy in an artist’s work avoids a diluted meaning and diminishes the possibility of being misread (misunderstood), thus, fosters increased engagement with the audience.

  1.           Art Is A Two Part Profession

            Self-Aware Artists know that creating and selling art are two separate professions, with different focuses. They understand that when their art sells they have found an audience that connects with their work. When this is not the case, they dive deeper, honing, expanding and expressing their Voice instead of enrolling in an art class or changing their work, in hopes of finding an audience.

  1.          A Focused Purpose

           Through understanding Voice coupled with awareness, Self-Aware Artists express their artistic purpose with certainty and more objectivity. This clarity keeps Self-Aware Artists aligned with their discernment, which allows them to more strategically integrate their work into the marketplace. Additionally, Self-Aware Artists are more apt to cut through misinformation about art and its business.

  1.        Connecting With The Audience 

            The emotional language of art transcends all languages. Voice provides an emotional interface between Artist and work, and work to audience. This awareness amplifies a genuine connection, facilitates understanding and supports a comprehensive relation with the audience. A defined Voice increases the works value and consequently eases the purchasing process.

10          Impact on Audience

             Added impact is unleashed when using Voice is Key (1) and Self-Inspiring by Creating For Self (5) combined with seeing the artist’s work metaphorically as a living object/person. This combination fosters an emotional connectivity, between the audience and the artwork, strengthening engagement and encourages contemplation of the work.

  1.           Real Confidence

             Self-Aware Artists are confident. They understand and own that they are the source of their unique expression. They know why they create what they create, making them increasingly immune to criticism and judgment.

12           Artist Community     

            In finding their Voice, Self-Aware Artists build a creative and competition free artist community. Artists support and assist each other to define and refine their Voice, while discovering the right audience and businesses to engage with.    

  1.           Quality & Value

           Self-Aware Artists are indifferent regarding evaluating art as good, bad, right or wrong. They have their opinion and likes, but they appreciate art through searching for the voice within the work itself. For example, how clear and understandable is the artist’s Voice? Where can I see the artist in their work? How is the artist communicating their Voice? Is it through emotions and moods? Is it through design, color hues, images, text or another avenue? What is the core emotional message?

  1.          Looking At Art

             Self-Aware Artists understand the spirit of Art and how this spirit is evolving in conjunction with human growth, behavior and technology.
Self-Aware Artists are always searching to have an all inclusive view of the Arts through:

  1. Understanding art from multiple points of view and finding the common denominator which are the functions of art which allow the artist, seller and buyer to communicate and engage.
  2. Effectively connecting their Voice to the right audience, who resonates with its expression.
  3. Being aware of the evolution of human consciousness, growth and brain development in relation to creativity and artistic expression.
  4. Improving the marketing of art by discovering fitting niches and patterns of behavior, which help increase visibility and foster the convenience of customer sales experiences.  
  5.        Art Evolves

           To evolve beyond the status quo, Self-Aware Artists utilize Voice to enhance their ability to perceive the spirit within an artistic expression. This very understanding makes art tangible and allows to elevate art beyond the status quo of human growth, behavior and technology.

If you see benefit in discovering the function it the Arts and its treasures or attended one of the free Self-Aware Artist workshops, here’s a way to continue supporting  the empowerment of the individual artists worldwide.