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Why Self-Aware Dance

Our number one motivation in life is to feel better to become happier, from attracting a partner, a new job, a new car or losing weight.  Attaining these “things” has certainly impact, but ultimately feeling good comes from within. Self-Aware Dance is all about generating feeling better and becoming more mind-body aware. Give your mind a rest by directing its focus on listening to your body’s voice. One hour movement, energy, well-being and joy without sore muscles. 

Reasons why we offer this program:

  1. Replenishes Mind & Body In One Hour
  2. Discover How To Make Yourself Feel Good And Better
  3. Give Your Mind A Break By Focusing On Your Body’s Voice
  4. Allows You to Understand What it Means “Being in the Present”
  5. Pain & Stress Free Movement

This low-impact exercise allows participants to move to music without technique, choreography, regimen or competition. As a result, participants experience body-mind balance, more energy, excitement, a sense of oneness and freedom. Adding breathing increases the participant’s ability to make themselves feel good without exhaustion or sore muscles. 

  • We believe you don’t have to work hard to feel good and get the rewards of exercise. Well-being does not have to be an after-effect or reward of a 60-90 minutes workout.
  • In Self-Aware Dance you become aware of what feels good and chase after what feels better.
  • Self-Aware Dance is an exercise that is effective without struggle and feels good during and after?
  • We believe in an exercise that is void of efforting, competing, judgment, skill or structure.
  • We created an exercise where participants move without technique, choreography, competition, body type or form.
  • Self-Aware Dance is built on low impact movement and breathing to increase the participant’s ability to make themselves feel good.
  • We found in Self-Aware Dance that a body-directed movement is always a rewarding physical movement.


  • Participants want to look forward to one’s exercise regime similar to golf or tennis.
  • Experience Self-Aware Dance as a very rewarding body-mind awareness exercise that is all about feeling good and nurtures well being.
  • Experience an hour of feeling your body, music, mind and spirit. That’s an hour of Self-Love.
  • Gain awareness that when you express body-directed movement it feels good. Feeling good is your confirmation that your movement is genuine and it is working for you.
  • Create a group-experience with the common focus of feeling good that is all about you and your individuality.


  • One-hour of unstructured movement to feel well, knowing that during and when you are done, you feel great.
  • Without any struggle, structure or hardship your body revitalizes and balances harmoniously with your mind.
  • Discovering your body-consciousness through movement without exhaustion or sore muscles.
  • Instead of another mind-instructed exercise, disengaging the mind by listening to your body-directed movements for an hour allows you to develop a new body awareness.
  • Participants access their emotional memory of naturally feeling good. A rewarding awareness of how you did that and thus can do it again and again.
  • The new memory you gain after just a few classes makes you get into that magical mind-body balance quicker.
  • Experience oneness, freedom, body-mind balance, more energy and excitement.
    You gain more self-awareness and a more authentic expression of who you are.

For Whom:

  • For any age 18 and up as long as you can walk without any problems. If you can walk without problems or help this class will work for you.
  • A must for people who don’t want to work out or injure easily and want a low impact exercise.


  • Minimum 5 participants maximum 20 or more depending on venue size
  • 1 hour classes with 15 minutes prior setup
  • Non carpeted room with ability to play music and dance or move around.

The Creation of Self-Aware Dance

“Two years ago, I talked to a top lifestyle-fitness trainer and was wondering if one can create a physical exercise that people look forward to participate like golf or tennis.  I realized that our mind has firm control of all our movements (eating, riding a bike, even sex), EXCEPT, to a part, free dance and involuntary muscle response. I delved in further and, with the great feedback of one of my self-aware artists  Jennifer Savino, a certified holistic practitioner of mind body and health, refined these ideas to bring you Self-Aware Dance.”

Michaell Magrutsche
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Certified Wellness Coach, Founder of  Self-Aware Art Movement, EQ Teacher
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Self-Aware Dance Michaell Magrutsche

Michaell Magrutsche Self-Aware Dance

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