Questions To Find Your Voice

Voice Questionnaire by Michaell Magrutsche

The Self-Aware Artist‘s Voice is the artist’s unique essence exposed its artistic interpretation, all along, being conscious of what happens during each creative process. Know why you are doing what you do and how to do it to expose it to the world with passion. 

Your Voice is the language that communicates who you are through emotions, feelings and aesthetics. Art as emotional language. If you copy others or hone your work to impress, you distort your uniqueness and dilute your essence. It is like conveying who you are in a language that is not your own. Once you are aware about YOUR voice, you will be able to communicate and explain your work clearly to everyone.

The following questions are part of the Self-Aware Artist workshop. These questions will provide clarity, enhance awareness about your work, while helping you to discover and hone your Voice.

Follow These Steps To Assist You In YOUR Process:

You don’t need to get the answers right away. Keep reading the questions from time to time, till the answers reveal themselves. There are no right or wrong answers only YOUR answers. Start by writing down all that comes to the surface for you.

  • Scan over the questions and answer the easiest ones first – leave the others for later and answer the hardest ones last.
  • Try to answer the questions quickly without thinking too much. It helps to get your truth and you can always fix them later.
  • Write down any insights, that come up for you.
  • Print out the questions and carry them around with you. If you get an answer – write it down.
  • Once finished, re-read and hone your answers to make them as concise and accurate as to resonate with you. You will know by feelings and you will be able to gauge what resonates best with you.
  • To maintain honing your Voice find at least one other person or form a group to keep expressing your Voice and increase its intensity and impact.
  • Have fun. It’s art, your art, your wonderful expression of the essence that is you. YOUR answers will trigger awareness and insights that reflect YOU.

Knowing your Voice will help you for the rest of your life as an artist.

You will  be able to create more authentic work that is streamlined from inception to completion. Being in touch with YOUR voice keeps your creative portal open. The self-awareness of your Voice allows you to just follow your inspiration and execute and express that flow artistically.

Follow this process and the more insights about your voice you will reap.

The Questionnaire to find YOUR Voice:

  1. What is art all about for you?
  2. What draws you to art?
  3. Are you considering yourself an Artist Yes or No? Why?
  4. Why are you an artist?
  5. For whom are you painting/sculpture/make music?  Others, The Audience, Myself?
  6. Should you create for the audience? Why or why not?
  7. What are you expressing with your work, and Why?
  8. Can you communicate your work to your audience tangibly? Your best way? How?
  9. What is YOUR artistic strength?  You Voice, Style, Talent, Craft, Execution?
  10. What are my preferences and what am I attracted to in my Life?
  11. How do I express myself in how I dress, cook, the things I prefer, my favorite car, colors I choose?
  12. Are there any similarities I can see in all ways and forms of expressing myself?
  13. What are the similarities of the different images I project into my world (being a father/mother/daughter, my job as a salesman, with my friends, as a man/ woman, etc.)

For the full list of 60 questions contact and put Voice Question in Subject

Michaell Magrutsche