NB Art Master-Plan Study 9-10-2015

Dear Citizens of Newport Beach,

The 1st Stage of the Newport Beach Arts & Culture Master Plan ended up as a good general
Arts & cultural assessment of the City’s existing Arts & cultural landscape.

The next step is to create a vision. Here is my recommendation for creating this vision in our next study session on 9/10/2015.

Focus: Create a vision to establish the essential function for Newport Beach’s Arts Masterplan.

Participants: Newport Beach City Council, The Newport Beach Arts Commission, Citizens participating in the study sessions.

Goal: Tap into the individual enthusiasm and passion of the participants regarding Arts and Culture in Newport Beach.

Questions: There is no right answer, only the one that feels best to you.

  1. Personally, do you want  to add more to the Cultural Arts of Newport Beach?
    Yes or No
  1. If No, Do you want to support existing arts? Yes or No
  1. If Yes on 1 OR 2, what kind of cultural art do you personally want to add or preserve?
    a) Visual Art
    b) Music
    c) Performing Art
    d) Literary Art
    e) Public Art
    f) Art Education
    Rank your choice (s) #1 thru #6, with 1 being your personal first choice.
  1. Define your first choice:
    a) What is your overall vision? (How would your vision look implemented?)
    b) What is the visitor expectation? (What is the capacity of people it would serve?)
    c) What and where is the venue? (What would be the preferred venue of your choice?)
    d) What time of year/season? (Is there a special time or season your choice would be best served?)

NB Cultural Arts Master Plan Study Session 9/10/2015 Assessment by Michaell Magrutsche
Next study Session: October 8, 2015 – 4 pm Friends of the Library Room.
a. Discussion about suggestions of before mentioned participants.
b. Bring suggestions into a workable function with respect to available assets and possibilities.  For example,  can Newport Beach’s cultural vision be integrated with our neighbor cities instead of duplicated.

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