NB Art Master-Plan Study 7-9-2015

Dear Citizens of Newport Beach,

When I looked at the recent study sessions of the master plan I see one common denominator it is no one knows where we are going. This is not misinformation but no one knows where the arts is going because we are in a traditional time where technology and human behavior changes are so rapid that there is no foreseeable direction yet.  That is why a current assessment of behaviors, conditions and roles is the best thing we can to to gain clarity.

The Aesthetics Needs Bottom Line: The more humans are surrounded by lots of Nature with outside living, the less humans need art. See Southern California and south of Rome where Nature fills the human needs of aesthetics and almost no art is needed.

Government’s business is to govern, not being in the arts business. Thus, let museums and cultural organisations do the buying, selling or handling of art. Government can expose, promote and support.

The Role of Government with the Arts is: Building community experiences by involving citizens. This leads to an active community engagement, which elevates Civic Pride. I.e. Newport Beach Arts Exhibition, Concerts and Shakespeare in the Park.

Rule 1:  Expose as many people possible to the Arts for the least amount of money. Especially today, what counts ultimately for non-profit and government is how many people can you expose and engage in your arts & cultural activities. 

Rule 2: In a world that thrives on innovation and technology. Make sure that Arts education is up to date and always a part of the school curriculum to hone our kids creative understanding.

Rule 3: Support the kind of art that is from contemporary-living artists instead of classical art, which is overabundant offered by other organisations. Look at Vienna/Austria.

Human Evolution Facts:Today’s citizens don’t want to have something put to them without being questioned. You build them and they will come does not work anymore. I.e., Segerstrom Center etc. Anyone that works currently in the arts knows, you don’t know what people like till you have done it and it can change tomorrow. You must minimize the risk by answering the quintessential question. Otherwise you get problems like City Hall problems and few visit Sculpture garden.

The Quintessential Question: Is is there a need for more arts in Newport Beach or does the overabundance of current arts need to just be centrally organized and properly promoted with existing vehicles like Visit Newport Beach and social media. I am in the arts and before working on the master plan. I did not know how much art NB had to offer. The Reason: The Arts usually put all their money in the production of art and there is too little money that there is mostly never budget to promote them. Please see huge quantity of art offerings in first stage of NB Master plan.

Needs Assessment Core Problem: Most people that are questioned or come to meetings are not fully aware about different generational art needs and consumption. They are not properly informed of what a great art selection we already have in Newport Beach. How could they, because there is no central source/hub that offers a complete list.

NB Master Plan Study Session 7-09-2015 Assessment by Michaell Magrutsche

Next meeting in August 13:
Vision/Idea – Function – Form is the flow of every project. It seems in the arts it is the other way around and that creates problems and disappointments.

How to implement a complete cultural events calendar as an addition to the current events calendar of Visit Newport Beach.

Newport Beach Arts & Culture Master Plan Document 1st Stage click here

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