NB Art Master-Plan Study 10-08-2015

Dear Citizens of Newport Beach,

The 1st Stage of the Newport Beach Arts & Culture Master Plan ended up as a good general Arts & cultural assessment of the City’s existing Arts & cultural landscape. This study session is about creating a cultural vision for Newport Beach.

Newport Beach and Laguna Beach’s Master-Plan Survey I am very much in the arts and I experienced the sheer impossibility to answer the questions on both surveys honestly and within a reasonable time. The surveys appear out of touch with the emotional essence of art and the way people consume it today. The methodology of questions to find a common denominator in art-taste or art-craving  is  outdated.

Surveys and public forums are dependent on their usability and success-rate of their results. They make it possible to gauge if people want to widen streets, building a subway or a new fire station. Especially, if the economics are in place and acceptable, decisions can be made very logically in conjunction with a person’s need and/or necessity.

Art is a whole other world with its own rules. This fact is why politicians and city personal tread lightly when it comes to this subject. Art does a lot, but it does not shorten your way to work, nor does it help putting out fires or rescue people. Art functions purely on emotions. It is an emotional language, which means art is to each person something different. Thus, using surveys and people’s input for art is almost always a miss. Art reminds us that we incapable of telling what others like or dislike because art is always a personal preference.

The impossibility of evaluating what art programs to offer Trying to make a decision on finding common art denominators is actually counter to art’s function and its emotional rewards. For example: If a survey indicates that a majority like to attend more rock-concerts; does that mean people will fill the event. What kind of rock can you bring to the city? The diversity in Art genres: Soft Rock, Hard Rock, Psychedelic Rock, Southern Rock, Adult Alternative Rock, American Traditional Rock? Yes, the Internet and technology have turned us into art-snobs.

Art is as diverse as the people that consume it; thus, impossible to predict. One month you feel like going to three theater performances or movies, the next 6 months you do other things, because the art-programming offered is not emotionally rewarding enough to satisfy your current taste.

Key Question:  What could/should an arts master-plan do for the City of Newport Beach? The answer: Coordinate the Arts in a balanced and harmonious way to build social interaction, stronger community, cultural enrichment, social pride, a strong artist community, and appealing visitor attraction.

Purpose/Function: Know Thy Audience. Newport Beach has drastically changed a its citizen’s demographics since 2008. Finding the arts and cultural-wants that are attractive for citizens and visitors is the biggest challenge to create an engaging cultural masterplan vision.

The Best Solution to discover Newport Beach’s Art Trends. Today, a “General Cultural Events Calendar App,” for all electronic devices, as part of the Visit Newport Beach’s app could allow for, a. a more accurate way than any survey or public forum to study the actual engagement of art-stakeholders, b. the basis to build (a) solid vision(s) that citizens want to vote for in future public forums. c. better art-informed citizens, d. more accurate tailored programming. Just  integrate art & culture in the already available BCS Visit Newport Beach app http://www.visitnewportbeach.com/bowl-championship-series-2014/bcsapp/

Within a year this cultural app could provide cultural trends and their usage with high accuracy. When and which art contributors get the most traffic. What art form is trending overall and seasonal. What are citizens willing to pay for a cultural experience and more. Because of the availability and engagement of this app, citizens will attend more art events and getting and discovering more of their cultural preferences.  For my previous assessments and other related links go to: SelfAwareArt.com


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