More About the Self-Aware Art Workshop

Self-Aware Art is the study of functions in art combined with an artist’s uniqueness, expressed through voice instead of just skill. The Self-Aware Art movement answers the question: Know why you doing what you do and how to create the clearest communication between creator and audience.

Understanding Our Current State of Art The art world is in the biggest transition ever. Never, in the history has the world seen more artists and more creative and intricate art. Where is the demand for these master pieces? As the artbiz and galleries have moved to the web, the odds to be seen increase, but each artist competes with the world for eyeballs. Technology is facilitating art creation and keeps changing people’s behavior of appreciating and how we consume art.  YouTube alone offers 85 million how-to art educational videos. Humans keep adapting to these changes. One looks differently at art today than even two years ago. Art isn’t just about copying or creating cute, clever or beautiful things anymore. Not everything is art otherwise we wouldn’t need a special word for it. The lack of understanding the functions of art, even though they are well documented, gets everyone confused. Art is not decoration, nor an ornament nor a clever idea. It is also not even pure skill it is more than that. Art has to have something to reveal – the fresh, even if it is inspired by another artist. Art jargon that disconnects and judging art qualitatively are outdated. To be gratified, today’s audience wants to engage with the arts as experience through emotional connection and understanding. Art’s true value is in the artist’s creative Voice, Self-Aware Art is the most powerful solution to allow engagement with yourself, your creative Voice and the world.

Voice: I believe most of an artist’s value is contained it the uniqueness of his/her creative Voice, more than any skill or craft. Know that all your answers are within you, that is why it is all about the right questions. Instead of having to rely on jargon, artists are guided to understand why they chose to be an artist, connect to their passion and enjoy creating. Self-Awareness art is an ability that allows artists to uncover their unique creative process, find their Voice and be able to verbalize it. Voice is the key to your creative flow and it provides clarity about their individual artist’s path. Voice fosters interest and happiness. Happiness while creating is an intricate part of allowing creative flow.

A Strong Voice = Connection With Audience = ENGAGEMENT
For example, the German born, “highly skilled” romantic, Albert Bierstadt, is in high demand, but he does not even come close to the demand for the “average skilled” Vincent Van Gogh. Once you have discovered your voice it is easier to find the right audience, marketing avenue and sales platform.

Additional support material for this workshop: The Spirit of Self-Aware Art   and Ask for our masterclass. For questions contact Michaell Magrutsche 323-596-0845.