Examples For Laguna Beach Futures

Preface: I created this page to facilitate your process of imagining how a Laguna Beach of the future would feel like. My friends and I did this and experienced similar feelings when we worked on “Creating a City Vision by the People” step by step.  

When we thought about a future Laguna Beach in 10 years, with all the technology and progress the world pumps out daily,  we were dumbfounded.  We felt lost, uncertain and a little helpless. We realized how we were conditioned only to react and put out fires in life. This realization helped and when we went back through the process step by step we opened up to our imagination. Please don’t give up, feel what you would like a future Laguna to be and the experiences and the conveniences that it could offer. 

Examples For Laguna Beach Futures

What are the Possible Futures for Laguna Beach? People supplying examples of possible directions for a Future Laguna Beach, will streamline and accelerate the whole process for the City Council to create a future vision that resonates with the people.

a. Another Beach City. Primarily, Laguna, an affluent community and year long tourist destination that has a lot to offer including hotels, restaurants and art festivals, not particularly culturally relevant and different from other beach cities. The City would be compared/compete with Newport Beach, Corona Del Mar, Dana Point, Huntington Beach and other beach cities. This is what Laguna Beach is today.

b. A Beach City with a specific kind of art-slant like “The Art Festival Town.” An affluent community and tourist destination that is also known and promoted as art-focused with its famous revamped international known art festivals. The City would be compared/compete with other art-focused cities such as Costa Mesa, Brea, Santa Ana and Fullerton.

www.selfawareart.comc. A California Surf, Recreation and Beach City, with beautiful nature, water sports, many more recreation possibilities. The focus would be on activities like sports competitions, like cycling and surfing and the California lifestyle. Similar to what Laguna is now. The Arts would be part of recreation. The City would be compared/compete with Newport Beach, Corona Del Mar, Dana Point, Huntington Beach, etc.

d. The First High Tech Beach City Bringing human achievements and nature together by becoming a high tech futuristic City, with Wi-Fi everywhere. A community that is totally interlinked and uses technology for highest convenience and  to solve most of the City’s issues. The City would also focus on high tech in the art world like the UCI’s Beall Center.

e. A Beach City Internationally known As California’s Art City. An affluent community that has made a genuine commitment to the Arts. A Laguna that has not forgotten its artistic history, offering new and established artists a way to express their creativity, from coffee shop to gallery to festival to beach. A cultural scene that is alive and interlinked with a great museum and stands out as an exemplary arts education leader. The arts festival grounds are the main stages for all expressions of the Arts. Laguna’s 100 galleries within 1.2 miles are carving out new ways of marketing and educating potential buyers and lovers, making Laguna a prime destination for discovering, buying and dealing with the Arts. Simultaneously, the digitally capturing of Laguna’s artistic life becomes a strong cultural content contributor and cultural hub on the web, thereby keeping Laguna’s artistic imprint ticking worldwide.

Even though Laguna has lost much of its cultural relevance, this variant has a stronger future potential than in any other city. The current infrastructure and historic City branding could be revived but only with a synergistic approach of a clear cultural vision that is aligned to the general vision. Costa Mesa, Brea, Santa Ana, Fullerton, etc. would be compared/compete with Laguna, but I believe with a strong vision the City can create is own cultural voice, and due to its history and cultural infrastructure would potentially lose little of its cultural power. The good thing about this potential future, it would elevate the affluence of the City by attracting more high quality art tourism.

f. Anyone has another Idea for the future of Laguna Beach?

For exemplary execution of a cultural vision physically and online look at Switzerland’s Zermatt Unplugged Festival  which was 8 years ago a tiny sky town located halfway to the Matterhorn.