Feedback Workshop

“The workshop delivered even more than expected, because Michaell is enthusiastic and inspiring and that transfers to my own artistic energy and production. Michaell is clear to the point, no waste of verbiage. His email followup was very important, it facilitated recall and stimulated my creative introspection to a level deeper than a mere lecture. The questions were deeply provocative. They charmed me. Michaell’s insights seeks a target within me that released unconscious dormant vague idea brought to fruition many things I was unsure of. The atmosphere Michaell created in the class stimulated my production. When exercises combined with the lectures it made for a catalyst.  I have to say, Michaell acted as an alchemist, joining the disapparate parts of my mind, soul and body with the force of creation to give birth to a new wholeness.”   Alexandria Allan.

“Michaell helps you find your artistic Voice in a way that is both creative and practical. I have a desire to make real connections with those who are in the field of artistic expression. Michaell has transformed my passion from observer to participant. He has helped me to jump the fence. Michaell’s Finding The Self-Aware Artist Creative Voice workshop will get you to the edge of awakening to your authentic Voice as an artist. You will get your wings and know what it feels like to let go and fly.” Jennifer Savino.

“Michaell, I have found my part of selling paintings, you made the point of telling us, and it really works. My clients have told me, the story I tell is why they want the painting. Thanks to you!!!  I know telling my story about why I paint the picture and what I do to create the perfect painting is what sells my painting. I have sold 16 painting in 2016. Best of luck with the Newport Beach Classes.” Gail Poltorak

“As with all decisions in Self-Awareness, the answers are already there, within. And so, the questions are what become the basis of the workshop. Michaell, I thought you were really good at asking the questions. Our Voice is the gift and although the Voice evolves and changes, and an artist could even have more than one voice, it becomes the WHY we make our art and the WHAT that appears. The Self-Aware Artist Workshop  gets us to think about the internal aspects of our artistic expression beyond the technical.” Becky Black

“I described Michaell’s workshop as an art group therapy mixed with marketing strategy and branding, where you discuss your issues as artist and fine-tune your artistic personality through self-discovering and marketing science. Thanks Michaell! You make the world a better place by being in it.” Sil Penovi

“You have helped me more than I could ever dream. I am sooooooo grateful for you 🙂 I am so grateful for all the awareness and clarity you have facilitated for me. You have been my angel :)” Zhayra Escobar

“It’s very strange. I didn’t start your workshop yet, but reading through those questions, I am questioning and thinking about stuff I haven’t for the past 25 years of my life as an artist I’m very excited!”  Bohdana Maresova

  • Michaell provides a lot of resources and he is very good at helping artists feel comfortable sharing and at the same time does not hesitate to challenge artists to think and dig deeper.
  • To sum it up, feeling my Voice as an artists helps me look further into what I want to express becoming more aware
  • This class opened my mind and gave me ideas Thank you Michaell
  • I was seeing results the second week I feel like a new person and I have found a whole new way of selling my art
  • If you are interested in being an artist or if you are and artist and would enjoy expanding what is possible in art and for artist. Also something about self-awareness and about just hearing other artist’s point of view etc.
  • This Class causes me to really contemplate who am I – what feelings do I want to instill – response and emotion.
  • This class is about defining your work in easy to understand, vibrant terminology.

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