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NB Art Master-Plan Study 8-13-2015

Dear Citizens of Newport Beach,

This study session is about finding an art & cultural vision for the city of Newport Beach:

The workflow for realizing any vision successfully: a.Vision – b.Function – c. Form

  1. Best Possible Vision –  In order to create a vision one has to assess the current status quo, possibilities and options to mold ways to integrate such a vision and create functionality.
  • Unpredictability & Unknown: In the 1st session we assessed that our country is going through a powerful transitional stage from a technology into the digital age, where no one really knows where we are going. In particular with the numerous changes in human behavior due to technology it can’t be conservatively be predicted where art and art consumption is going to be in 5 years.
  • Limited Options? Our situation of change limits the options of creating a long time cultural vision for any city. In addition, the financial responsibility of a city forces a vision for arts & culture to be treated very conservatively to keep successful programs running, while adapting them to new technologies and outdated programs to be phased out. This process has to be revised yearly until the situation quiets down or new ways of presenting the arts can be implicated.
  1. Most Applicable Function:
  • Misleading Needs Assessment: Most people that are questioned or come to  meetings are not fully aware about different generational art needs and consumption. They are not properly informed of what a great art selection we already have in Newport Beach. How could they, because there is no central source/hub that offers a complete pool. (Closest comes Master Plan stage 1)
  • Quintessential Questions: What does the City government want culturally for Newport Beach that is not currently offered? (I.e., a better cultural image)  Why does the City want it? (i.e. better quality tourism) Why does the City believe our citizens want the same? (i.e. more & better jobs)  Are citizens agreeing with such a vision? Is there a need for more arts in Newport Beach or is the overabundance of Newport’s current arts landscape sufficient?  See Newport Beach Arts & Culture Master Plan Document 1st Stage click here and the about 50 arts organisations in Newport Beach.

The Key that Drives The Art & Cultural Business Today –

How To Inform Citizens About The Art They Prefer In Time?

The ease of connecting through social media has created an overabundance of options for what you can do in your spare time. Everyone competes for those 30 min – 2 hrs of free time. Sadly, it is not the best performance that mostly attracts you to attend but do you know in time about an opera event that you might be interested and are you reminded enough to make you consider it.

  1. Best Form For Current Vision and Function.
  • A General Cultural Events Calendar that becomes part of Visit Newport Beach’s “Celebrate” department which could be renamed “Celebrate Newport Beach’s Art & Culture.”  Integrate this calendar in the already available BCS Visit Newport Beach Mobile App.  See: Staff Question? How to best implement a complete cultural events calendar. How to feed and update information because being current is key to citizens using it.
  • Why Rethinking Grants: Arts organisations usually put all their money in the production of art and there is too little money to promote them. Either put in a clause to use grants on promotions. The Arts Commission to awards  promotional credits as grants that can be used with before mentioned app.

NB Master Plan Study Session 8-13-2015 Assessment by Michaell Magrutsche

Next Study Session September 10 4 pm Friends of the Library Room:
1. Money Sponsorship Funding are all based on what audience engagement can you offer with the quality of your program.

2. Assessing what the NB government wants and suggests as Arts & Cultural enrichment and why. So citizens can cast their vote.

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