Self-Aware Artists believe that most their value is in the uniqueness of their creative Voice. When asked, most artists are unable to explain why they do what they do and where they can see themselves in their work. Self-Aware Art clarifies the artist’s mind and studies the artist’s uniqueness, expressed through Voice, which has more impact than any skill. We educate about the underlying functions of art and guide you to find your Voice and put words to your creation. Herbie Hancock said it best:  “Find the courage to explore the unknown. Not take what other artists have done before and be satisfied with copying them. Finding your voice to develop your own personal sound is of the utmost importance.” Know WHY YOU are doing what YOU do. Understand HOW YOU do it to expose it to the world with passion.

Michaell Magrutsche Self Aware Artist Workshop

The Self-Aware Artist’s Creative Voice Workshop is the only model that provides the clearest communication between artists, art business and the audience. It brings humanity, joy and passion back to the arts. It elevates arts conversations to be exponentially more rewarding. 

Michaell Magrutsche
I created the Self-Aware Art movement out of my frustration about the intangibility and the resulting randomness of art assessments and evaluations. Next to multimedia Artist, art politician and art adviser I am a certified personal-coach. This combination allowed me to discovered similarities in creation, execution and expression of  different art forms. I found that the most accurate art assessment can be attained by understanding the underlying functions of art and an artist’s clear communication of his/her creative Voice.  More about me on LinkedIn and MichaellArt.com.
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We provide workshops that facilitate in finding your uniqueness in most art forms and build on it. If you see benefit in discovering the function it the Arts and its treasures or attended one of the free Self-Aware Artist workshops, here’s a way to continue supporting the empowerment of the individual artists worldwide.