Welcome to YOUR Creative Voice

Did you know that your creative expression can show you more truly who you are and connects more than anything else. 

Did you know that over 90% of artists can not explain their uniqueness, and where or how it shows in their work?

Did you know that the single most important thing today is to understand your creative Voice and verbalize it?  

Discover Yourself Through Art – Finding Your Voice To Build Your Brand

Discover the value of your uniqueness (what makes you great) through art. Michaell Magrutsche, a certified personal coach/artist, guides participants to discover the power of their unique expressions (Voice) instead of relying on expertise and assumptions of others. This workshop is for everyone who wants to define themselves.

  • Discover yourself through your unique expression.
  • Acquiring understanding and inner knowing of your next step(s) to create instead of wasting time trying.
  • Understand the underlying functions of your expression, i.e. How does your expression engage the audience? The difference between Art, decor or ornament. Why is contrast the most important function in presenting your expressions?
  • Understanding how the world can connect with your expression.

Workshop Outline: 
1st week: Deprogramming of false and outdated ways of looking at the today’s world.  more click here
2nd week: What can your uniqueness do today?  more click here
3rd week:
Media & Your Voice.  Your Voice Statement.
more click here
4th week:   Buyers Behaviors & Showing & Selling Your Art.
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This four week workshop is held at Corona Del Mar Community Youth Center, 3000 Fifth Avenue, Corona Del Mar, 92625

Dates & Time:

October 7, 2017 (CYC431).
Every Saturday from 10AM – 12 Noon
$150 |Click To Register
Newport Beach Recreation Services 949-644-3151

Michaell Magrutsche 323-596-0845 

About Michaell Magrutsche:
Michaell is personal coach and multimedia artist, author, educator, and former Arts Commissioner of Newport Beach.
For more about Michaell click here

People who graduated from this workshop This workshop is for all skill levels. I.e., an art teacher can have a harder time to find Voice than an art-novice. Since 2015, 90 graduates which included any kind of artists, professional photographers, art teachers, gallery owners, MFA graduates and art dealers.  This course has been supported by LCAD, SusiQ, Huntington Beach Art Center Museum, Hugo Rivera, Drizzle Gallery, etc. 100% positive graduate feedback 

Self-Aware Art Workshop

Your defined Voice, differentiates you. This is the first important connection to your audience. Finding and verbalizing your Voice precedes everything, from your skill, medium, branding and defines you market. It is not a concept, it is you and how you express yourself and connect to others. The Self-Aware Artist’s creative Voice workshop is the only model providing the clearest communication between you, yourself and the world. As side effect, this workshop brings understanding, humanity and passion back to the arts and elevates any arts-conversation to be exponentially more rewarding. 

More about the Self-Aware Art Workshop click here.


Most hang art to fit. I teach placing art to engage your audience. 95% hang art to fit, and we copy this way from each other. This book exposes a deeper understanding of how to connect with the viewer. My techniques, describe the functions of art and established principles of aesthetics, that will show you how to best connect your art with the audience. The full-color book with 70 illustrations, comes with the free eBook for your reference, or purchase as Amazon Kindle book click here. 

                                                       How To Place Public Art by Michaell Magrutsche