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German Version (published) of my latest book, The Smart of Art – Awaken the Excitement for Art With a New Art Consciousness available Mai 2021


DISCOVER YOURSELF THROUGH ART – Finding Your Voice To Build Your Brand

  • Did you know that your creative expression can show you more truly who you are and connects more than anything else. 
  • Did you know that over 90% of artists can not explain their uniqueness, and where or how it shows in their work?
  • Did you know that the single most important thing today is to understand your creative Voice and verbalize it?  

Discover the value of your uniqueness (what makes you great) through art. Michaell Magrutsche, a certified personal coach/artist, guides participants to discover the power of their unique expressions (Voice) instead of relying on expertise and assumptions of others. This workshop is for everyone who wants to define themselves. More about the Self-Aware Art Workshop click here.




                                                       How To Place Public Art by Michaell Magrutsche

Most hang art to fit. I teach placing art to engage your audience. 95% of us hang art to fit, and we copy this way from each other. This book exposes a deeper understanding of how to connect with the viewer. My techniques, describe the functions of art and established principles of aesthetics, that will show you how to best connect your art with the audience. The full-color book with 70 illustrations, comes with the free eBook for your reference, or purchase as Amazon Kindle book click here. Die Deutsche Version Die Gunst der Kunst Die Funktionen der Kunst nach Covid 19 erscheint August 2020.




This romantic action/mystery thriller is all about opposites and competition leading to a hazardous game. Two brothers, Michael and Zane Durant are the heirs of the English Royal Family jewelers. The boys’ favorite pastime is to challenge each other, from partying to playing Polo. Their American father, Frank, with his passion for gambling, married more for money and title to the dismay of his English wife Grace. After Frank and Grace separate, Zane quickly dumps his girlfriend Victoria and chooses to live with his dad in Connecticut and study at Yale university. When Michael falls in love with Victoria, the brothers’ lives turn into a competitive contest of jealousy and deceit. This begs the question: Can love really conquer all, or does there need to be more? Kindle or Paperback on Amazon.com click here.



IMAGINATION: Micro-Paintings by Michaell Magrutsche

I began this book as a creative challenge to paint 300 paintings in three days. I did it and included 274. Everything about this book is about imagination and its process. From creating the 300 paintings to the deciphering and interpretation of each title. I followed the same process: I used whatever first came to mind. This book is a helpful tool to exercise your imagination and mind. If you are one or ninety-one, you can cover up the title, look at the picture and see what you can come up with, or how many things can you see in one painting. Sometimes looking from all directions helps unveil the image. Or, just look at the picture and enjoy the paintings. In any way, your mind and creative muscle will thank you. Kindle or Paperback on Amazon.com click here